Spring/Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance


Keeping your swimming pool clean with crystal clear water requires attention to the Chlorine and PH levels. Test your water at least 2 times a week. Increase testing to 3 or 4 times a week during the hot summer swimming period. Inexpensive Swimming Pool Test Kits are available at your Pool Supply Store where you purchase your chemicals. The Test Kit has the recommended ranges for the water. Things to keep on hand in a dry safe place, where children cannot get to them are, Chlorine, Shock, PH-PLUS and PH-MINUS. It is recommended that you add Shock and PH adjustment chemicals in the evening. If your water is cloudy run the pump for longer periods of time. If you can’t see the bottom of the pool you will need a flocculent. One brand is DROPOUT which causes the fine particles in the water to drop to the bottom where they can be vacuumed out.

To keep algae from growing in your pool eliminate phosphate in your water with

PHOS-Free or PHOS-OUT from your pool store.


Here are a few tips:


To kill flying insects in your pool have a spray bottle filled with a tea spoon of dish washing liquid (Dawn/Palmolive) and tap water. Just spray the bugs on the water and watch them die. This also works on water bugs. Wait till the Water Bug comes to the surface and let them have it the spray that is. The dish washing liquid prevents them from breathing.


Above ground pools have hoses from the skimmer to the pump, filter and into the pool.

Spray the hoses and plastic parts with Armour-All for extended life.