There are simple techniques that can be easily adopted to repair scratched glasses at home. Before you repair any scratch on the glass, you will have to check whether the scratch is deep or a superficial one. A deep scratch cannot be repaired at home and you will need to look for professional help. On the other hand, superficial scratch can be removed with the help of these techniques.Did you know that nail polish is considered as one of the best products for repairing a scratched glass? You will have to use a colorless nail polish for this. Apply a thin coat of nail polish on the scratch and set it to dry. The excess nail polish can be cleaned with a cloth. You can also use a nail polish remover for cleaning the excess nail polish after it has dried.

Metal polish like Brasso are also effective for repairing scratches on glass. Put a few drops of Brasso cleaner on a cloth and polish the glass surface with it. Repeat the process once or twice. Brasso helps in repairing the scratch on glass by reducing its prominence.
Toothpaste can also help in the repair of scratched glass. But, you must make sure to use the non-gel type. Cover the scratch with a coat of toothpaste and set it to dry. Once it hardens, clean it with a cloth. This method will be helpful in repairing scratched glass of a table top or window.
Repairing scratched glass of a windshield is possible with the help of a glass repair kit, which can easily be bought from an auto parts store. It is easy and safe to use. However, it is wise to let a professional manage a deep crack.
If you wish to repair scratched sunglasses, try using Armor Etch. Although it is used for etching, it can also be used to repair scratched glass. Put some drops on a piece of cotton or cloth and apply it on the glass. Let it set for a couple of minutes and then wash it with water.
Mix equal amounts of dry mustard and white vinegar into a paste. Spread this paste on the scratch and allow it to dry. On drying, wipe off the paste with a cloth.
Jeweler’s rouge can also be used to repair scratches on glass. Apply some jeweler’s rouge on a cloth and buff the scratch. Although jeweler’s rouge is expensive, it can help in repairing scratches on glass.
Interestingly, a vehicle cleaner wax is also believed to be one of the best products used to remove scratches from glass. Take some wax on a thick cloth and polish the scratch. Doing it for a couple of times will help in removing the scratches completely.Sometimes, the scratches are beyond repair and the only way out is to replace the glass. Also, you must take as many precautionary measures as possible to prevent the glass from scratches, for e.g. drape the table top with a cover, be careful while using glass products, etc. It is better to have the scratches on the glass repaired as soon as possible to maintain its sheen. Lastly, if the aforementioned methods do not help, it is best to rely on professionals.