Pocket doors are one of the best alternatives that can be used to save some living space. They are sliding doors that fit into the wall, and are also known as the pocket. If a person wants to open the door and go to another room or space, he simply has to slide the door in the wall. So, instead of the person pulling the door to himself or pushing it forward, he will just have to slide it to the side. This is how a pocket door saves space.

If pocket doors are used for a substantial amount of time, they tend to show some problems. The problems can be different, such as the door not sliding in a smooth manner, damage in the track, door gets off track, a warped door, and similar others. Many people have a misunderstanding that repair is a very difficult task. However, with few simple instructions, assessments, and the correct tools; you can execute the pocket repair tasks very easily. The only key for the repair is to first assess the cause of the problem and then do the repairing work. It is better if you have a friend with you for assisting you in the repair.

Damaged Pocket Door Track
If you think that there is an issue with the track of the door, you need to check the track, if it is still fixed in the proper place. You need to do this by sliding you arm into the pocket gap, and check if the track is screwed and well secured in place. If you find out that the screws have become loose, simply fasten them as much as possible. If you feel that the track is damaged substantially and needs to be replaced, you will have to remove much of the wall coverings by the track, in order to take it out. If you are not sure how to replace the old track, it is suggested that you call a professional.

Rough Sliding of the Pocket Door
If you are experiencing a problem of the door not sliding into the pocket smoothly, you should check if the rollers are fitting in the track in the right manner. If you are assured that the rollers are fitting well, you may have to remove the door from the setup. In order to do this, you are required to take out both stops from the head jamb and also from one side jamb. This will allow you to lift the door out of the setup. Now that the door has been taken out, check if the rollers are damaged or were fitting loosely in the setup. If loose, tighten them; and if broken, replace them.

There can be many other problems with the pocket door for which you need to take assistance from a professional. You also have the option of using track repair tool sets, which consist of all the repair parts that are essential for the procedure. A standard pocket door repair set includes items such as wheels, track, screws, adjusting wrench, brackets, etc.