One of the most commonly underutilized spaces in any house is the basement! Many people are now waking up to the idea of basement remodeling, which can give you much-needed extension of living space that you have always wanted.

Probably the most challenging part of any home improvement project is to remodel the basement. There are a lot of reasons why it can be difficult. Basement holds most of the plumbing connections along with the sump pump, the heating system hub and other such connections. Ergo, remodeling becomes a challenge. The remodeling needs to be done in such a way that access to all these connections, along with the plumbing is maintained. Another problem is the unevenness of the basement flooring. Hence, basement remodeling needs skilled contractors who can provide you with the kind of remodeling you want, while not compromising on access to plumbing and other connections.

Basements tend to be poorly lit due to lack of natural light. That is why, while creating the plans, let light fixtures be a part of your overall considerations. You can compensate for the lack of natural light with effective designing of light connections. Use of light colored paints can enhance the brightness of the basement. Some of the other major design considerations are what kind of ceiling to go for and what kind flooring would be the best. Another factor that sets basements apart from the rest of the house is the chilling temperature. This problem can be taken care of, by inclusion of adequate insulation.

After that quick review of the major issues to take care of while designing your plans, let me share some design ideas with you. Remodeling is an opportunity to add that extra space in your house that you have always felt lacking. Contractors who specialize in remodeling can offer you a range of options. Basement finishing and remodeling is a challenging job for them. You can choose one which suits your plans and the space you have. Here are some ideas for which you could use:

Plan #1: Personal Office and Library
A basement can be remodeled as your personal office. It can be a peaceful place to work and you can also add a small library to it. This a great idea if you have a home based business or if you require a study for quiet reading and contemplation.

Plan #2: Game Room and Home Gym
If you lack a home gym or game room space in your house, you can remodel your basement into a private gym plus game room. You can entertain your guests and have friends over with a pool and Fuzzball table. It can also double up as a gym with basic facilities.

Plan #3: Basement Bar
Setting up a basement bar is a great way of creating a cozy space of comfort, where you can entertain guests. You can have a bar plus TV room in that space, where you can enjoy watching games with friends on weekends.

Plan #4: Guest Room
If you have always fall short of space for guests, it is a great idea to design a guest room in the basement along with an extra bathroom. This can act as an extra bedroom whenever you fall short of space. It can double up as kids’ game room too when there are no guests around!

Hope these ideas have kick started your imagination. Plan out and research extensively before settling down for a remodeling plan that fulfills most of your expectations.