Leaking toilets, or worse, blocked toilets may be a real problem for most homeowners There are a number of things that can cause leaking toilets. The following is a list of causes and some suggested repairs.

There is water on the floor. This may be dripping water caused by condensation outside of the tank. If this what caused leaking toilets, the water tank has to be covered using a jacket designed for this purpose

The water supply line leading to your tank may be leaking at the shut-off valve or at the bottom of the tank. If this is the cause of leaking toilets, carefully tighten the connection with an adjustable wrench. Avoid applying too much pressure on to the wrench. If the line of water supply requires replacement, make use of a braided one since they do not need to be sealed using Teflon tape, as in the case of solid metal lines. After you tighten the connection, the seals on the flexible lines will be almost leak-proof.

The flush tank directly connected to the toilet bowl has leaks. If this is the cause of leaking toilets, the bolts that hold the bowl to your tank must be tightened. Once again, do not over tighten. If this procedure does not work you may need to remove the tank and replace the rubber seal, which is located between the bowl and the tank.

Water is leaking from the base of the toilet bowl where it makes contact with the floor. If this is the reason for leaking toilet, first you must tighten the hold-down bolts. These bolts are covered with porcelain caps which you need to pry carefully using the tips of a flat screwdriver. After doing this step, tighten all the bolts with the same number of turns. If the leaking does not stop, the toilet needs to be replaced. You need to remove the toilet in this case.

You may need to contact a plumber for assistance.