Easy tips for summer home maintenance

Summer with its warm breezes brings many maintenance concerns and seasonal chores for homeowners. In addition to the inevitable mowing, tree trimming, and other yard work, summer is also a great time to step up maintenance efforts around the home.

#1 Turn off your air-conditioning system and check your air-conditioning filter. make sure that your filter is dust free and clean or replace it with a new one. Some filters are washable and can be washed in your backyard. In that case simply remove wash and let it dry and put it back in place.

#2 Clean and repair gutters. For clogged downspouts, try using barbecue tongs to reach in and remove leaves. To repair loose gutter nails, consider replacing them with extra-long lag screws. The lag screws are stronger, hold better, and can easily be installed with a cordless drill equipped with a nut driver bit.

#3 Caulk exterior joints around all windows and doors. Caulking helps keep the house weather-tight and reduces energy bills. It can also help keep insects and vermin out of the house. As well as prevent the water to penetrate through small cracks

#4 The heat and humidity in summer can cause wooden windows and doors to swell and stick. To repair a sticky door or window, first mark where it is sticking. Then, remove the door or window, and carefully remove any excess material with a hand plane. For sliding windows, the surrounding trim is often the culprit. Usually, it must be removed and reinstalled to allow for greater movement. To keep windows and doors from sticking in the first place, make sure that they are sealed with a good coat of paint, including the tops and bottoms. Be careful not to paint the channels where windows need to slide, though—instead, use a light coat of linseed oil as a sealer.

If you are not feeling comfortable doing this maintenance, it is highly recommended to hire a handy person to do it for you. Failing to do keep up with your maintenance could cost you a lot of money down the road.