If you have a great collection of media accessories and DVDs, you will surely need more storage space. So, instead of letting the media accessories and equipment gather dust as they lie scattered around in your room, keeping them in one place will keep your things safe. If the electronic devices such as the TV, DVD player, CDs and DVDs are kept together on media storage unit, the room will certainly look tidier. If you don’t have a multifunctional TV and media storage unit, you must get one for your home. Though you have the option of getting a pre-made media storage furniture, if you don’t find one that satisfies your requirement, you could build it on your own.

However, you will need to plan the whole layout. You will need to look for entertainment center plans that suit your requirements. How much space does your television and DVD player need? How many shelves and storage drawers would you require? You need to decide about the other things you wish to place on the center. You need to decide if the television would be placed inside or on the countertop. Be ready with the measuring tape to determine how much gap should be left between the shelves. Before you build this piece of furniture, you must be able to visualize it very well in your mind.

Things You Need for Building an Entertainment and Media Storage Unit

Measuring tape
Circular saw
Screw driver


A media storage unit which measures 5×5 feet, could be made easily at home. Use the circular saw to cut 2 rectangular pieces of plywood that measure 2×5 feet.

You will also need four pieces that measure 2×4’11”, and four pieces that measure 9”x2′ (that is 9 inches by 2 feet).
Sand all the surfaces and paint them. Allow them to dry.
Now you need to assemble the pieces. Take the 2×5 feet pieces and place them at a distance of 5 feet from each other. Make sure that these are placed parallel to each other.
Insert the two of these 4’11” pieces at the top and the bottom and attach them using the screws.
Now that the outer frame is ready, stand the frame up and ensure that the 5 feet side runs along the bottom. Mark an area nine inches up from the piece at the bottom and place the 4’11” inch shelf. Use screws to attach the shelf with the outer frame.
Now insert another 4’11”shelf, at a distance of 9 inches from the top surface of the frame and attach it using screws.
Now for the back side, place two of the 9”x2′ pieces vertically between the lower shelf and the bottom of the unit, ensure that it fits well with the back edges, with this arrangement you will have an opening in the center for the wires.
Similarly place the other 9”x2′ pieces vertically at the back edge between the top surface and the upper shelf and use screws to attach it with the frame and your basic media and TV storage furniture is ready!

These were instructions for making a home entertainment center. I am sure your new media storage furniture will make a great difference to your home decor.