A greenhouse is a shelter with plastic or glass roof and walls. The warmth of the sun provides solar radiation for the plants that grow in a greenhouse. Multi wall sheets are used in plastic greenhouses. The aspects of heating, lighting and cooling in a glass greenhouse can be controlled with a computer.The essence of any greenhouse, is to ensure that there’s proper ventilation for plants. A greenhouse can become excessively warm or cold. An astonishing fact is that a large number of plants die due to excessive heat. It is important to keep regulating the temperature in order to protect the plants with from extreme surroundings. You can choose from a variety of exhaust fans that are available in the market. You can position the exhaust fans towards the roof or in a direction opposite to the greenhouse door. The growth of some plants may be restricted due to lack of proper air flow, especially in case of tomatoes. A small fan placed at a distance will help the plant immensely. Moreover, opening vents of the roofs regularly according to the climatic changes ensures proper growth of plants.

The first step would be to buy the seeds of the required plant from a retail garden center. Make sure the seeds are fresh. Typically, some seeds take a few weeks to mature, while there are others that take months. If the seeds are old, they generally take long time to germinate. Depending on your requirement, choose a pot and make sure that the base of pots contain holes for extra water to flow through them. It is always advisable to buy soil rather than use the soil from your garden or backyard. Take a fair amount of soil in a tray and make a small impression in the soil, and bury or scatter the seeds. The seeds need to be covered with moist soil. Once that’s done, cover the tray with a huge plastic bag, sealing the ends of the plastic. Once you notice that the seedlings have emerged, keep the plants under lights or a location where adequate sunlight is available in the greenhouse. A slight breeze of a fan will help a great deal. When the leaves of a plant emerge, add fertilizer, and within a few weeks transfer the plant to a pot.

To maintain a healthy growing environment for plants utmost care needs to be taken while watering the plants. Avoid splashing water in a greenhouse, for it leads to the growth of soil fungi. Use an appropriate amount of water for different types of plants, with the help of a hose. Plants need to be watered at intervals. Water them gently the first time, to help them absorb the water and add more proportions later. It all depends on the type of plants that need watering. Orchids or herbs will require an interval of few days before watering, whereas cacti need a small amount of water when they dry completely.

Grow Lights
The requirements of lights in greenhouses is essential for plants. If you stay in an area where cloudy weather persists, or the winters do not provide adequate sunlight, there are different types of ‘grow lights’ that can supplement the growth of plants in different stages. Fluorescent grow lights, which emit low heat, can be placed a few inches from the plant. You can also use sodium lights which provide a red and orange spectrum, which are generally used in springtime. Grow lights enhance the growth in plants and help plants mature well.

You can grow a wide variety of plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits or herbs, in your greenhouse. Take care to sanitize your greenhouse regularly, which will also contribute towards the appearance of the greenhouse. Looking at a beautiful greenhouse is a sense of pride and joy which you will cherish forever.