This is a guide for building your indoor garden. We have just walked our way through the first step of this process. That step being mimicking the tides to deliver the nutrient system to your garden.  So now that we have developed away to flood and drain your system. We have to talk about getting the water to your crops.

The 5 gallon water bottle is smaller and is going to require you to fill it about every five days. But the advantage to this is that it is easy to conceal. And when thinking about container garden ideas for an indoor garden, concealing the works is paramount.

So the bottle, you are going to have to cut it to get the pump inside. I suggest cutting the bottle right below the neck, and suggest using the Little Giant Pump, 566608,  you can easily fit it through a 4in hole. I imagine using the water bottle vertically, because it would make filling easier, and you can just run the tubing through the neck. Think about how your bottle will be integrated into your base. I suggest using something that has a depth that will match the bottle. Your garden can be designed as a tuck away, or something to be displayed. Your container garden ideas should reflect a choice to design a system that takes in account how you want it to be displayed.

So after you’ve cut the hole into the bottle, you will have to think about cutting holes into the base structure. The holes in your base structure will have to be large enough to accommodate the fittings, and be situated directly below the holes in your tank.

Now you place the fill and drain fitting set over the holes you have cut into your tank, and base. You are going to want to make sure you seal each of these holes. And you will want to test the drain fittings before you fill your tank. This type of garden is perfect for the person who wants a garden but doesn’t want to maintain their garden all the time. Container garden ideas all have this advantage, regardless of the system you want to provide, you can have the system do most of the work.

Now its just a process of hooking everything up. The T connector will let you fill your tank faster, because it can connect additional tubing, it’s not really all that necessary. The happy medium you are looking for is your tank to fill about eighty percent. That’s about it.

As far as your nutrient and growing medium; you’re going to want to purchase general hydroponics flora for your nutrient solution and growing mediums will have to discuss a little bit more. The growing medium in your garden can be many things; you can use coconut coir, perlite, or hydroton. Each of these mediums will be sufficient I personally like to use coconut coir, something about it being the husk of the coconut just seems more organic.  It holds about eight times its weight in water, and drains kind of slowly. But if you just add perlite to the mixture it should speed up your drainage process.