Concrete steps of houses that are years old, are vulnerable to chipping, breakage and cracks. Also when the combination of these long years and extreme climatic conditions take a toll on them, causing flaking, crumbling or cracked concrete steps, you need to look out for an easy way to repair them. Not only because they look bad, but cracked or broken concrete steps need to be repaired quickly as someone can easily trip going down or up the steps and can get seriously injured. However, most people feel that repairing concrete steps can be an intimidating task which requires lots of time and efforts, but actually it is not so. In fact, small or big cracks in the steps are easy to repair and we all can do it with minimal efforts. Hence, if you are facing the same problem and finding it difficult to fix your broken concrete step, check out the below given methods for help.

Here are simple to follow instructions on how to repair a concrete step with small and large cracks. The products that you may need are:

Concrete bonding agent
Ready mix concrete
Clear silicon caulk
Putty knife
Cold chisel
Wheelbarrow or mixer for concrete
Caulking gun and waterproof caulk
Wooden float
Eye protection
Plastic sheeting
Sledge hammer
Safety gloves

Repairing Small Concrete Step Cracks
Though small or hairline cracks are so minute that they actually causes no damage, over a period of time, they can turn bigger and can cause serious injuries. Hence, if these cracks are not repaired in time, the water may get down into them and due to thawing they may expand. The first step in repairing small concrete cracks is to clean the crack using a piece of wire or a dash of air from an air compressor. Put clear silicon caulk, a waterproof filler and sealant, along the length of the crack and with the help of a putty knife, insert the caulk into the crack. This will fill the crack and prevent the water from entering it. After this, smooth the surface with concrete and finally cover the surface for a few hours so that nobody steps on it.

Repairing Large Concrete Step Cracks
To repair a concrete crack, first remove all the loose and crumbling concrete from the edges. For this you can use a cold chisel or sledge hammer to break and remove the loose pieces. Cut the bottom of the crack into a reverse ‘V’ shape, having at least one inch bottom width. Remove the loose concrete pieces and cover the expanded crack with concrete bonding agent. While it dries, following the manufacturer’s instructions, prepare a mass of ready mix concrete in a wheelbarrow or concrete mixer of proper consistency. Using a wooden float, pack the prepared concrete mixture into the expanded crack and level it with the surface. Allow the concrete to set for about 30 to 45 minutes and then using an old broom or even a whisk create a slightly rough surface on it, in order to avoid people from slipping over it. Use a heavy plastic sheet to cover the area and remove only to wet the patch with a mist of water. This will help in not letting the concrete to dry quickly, which is good for its strength and durability. After a week or so remove the sheet and you will see that your broken concrete step is completely repaired.

This was all about repairing broken or cracked concrete steps. I hope after reading the information given below, you will also agree that repairing broken concrete steps is not as difficult as it seems to be. Moreover, since most of the things used in repairing are cheap and readily available, you can easily do it on your own, that too with low concrete step repair cost.