Cabinets are what make or break kitchens. So when thinking of a custom remodel or kitchen remodel job you should start there.

The very first thing you can do is a kitchen cabinet reface. This involves just what it says. It will cost much less than actually replacing your cabinets, and you won’t have to take everything out of the cab nits. The cheapest way to do this is with a plastic laminate. It comes in a host of different colors, and can be easily manipulated to go anywhere.

Refacing the cabinets is a great idea, because it extends your budget to custom remodel other parts of your kitchen: like water and light fixtures. Light fixers can sometimes be pricey but, when you saved say 18,000 dollars refacing your cabinets, you can splurge a bit.

Light fixtures are a very subtle way to make a big statement Light is the most important aspect in your kitchen. The best way to change the look of your kitchen is to change the way light is expressed in your kitchen. It is a pretty simple step to take in a kitchen remodel job.

Water fixtures. I think we may have fallen for amazing looking fixtures hidden in the background of tv shows. Water fixtures can add any type of personality to your kitchen that you want.

To keep tabs on this project, for the bare minimum of 300.00 you can change your kitchen on a Saturday.

If you noticed I did not include countertops this is because this is a very costly endeavor. It can be accomplished in a do it yourself fashion. However, it would be out the realm of a Saturday project.

The best part about refacing your cabinets is that it can be done with virtually anything. For me I took four 30″ x 30,” and two 20X20 canvas. I found a print that I really liked and I had it duplicated into a stencil. I placed the stencil over each canvas and rolled on different colors.

I wrote this entry because I am thinking about remodeling my kitchen. I pulled all my old work down, maybe when it’s done I’ll post again and show you the profess. I live in apartment so I have to find non-intrusive ways of remodeling my space. The reason why I chose I to start with my cabinets was because they take up the most space in my kitchen.

*Ideally when doing a custom remodel job, you can either start with the largest area of a room, or end with it. By that I mean you can make a major change and all the work is done in descending order. I mean 1. cabinets 2. counters 3. appliances 4. drawers, etc. Where ever you start you should have a clear goal ahead. Like most of you I cannot say how many projects I have started and have yet to finish. I have found the best to accomplish a custom remodeling job is to attack everything by pieces.

In a few posts I promise to talk about refacing cabinets for cheap.